A flash of small string lights, like the little stars in the sky, the dream of small string lights, evoke your teenage heart

A flash of small string lights, looks bright, especially at night, hanging in the bedroom, it is a star-like feeling, invisible for the bedroom added a lot of charm it!

1. full of stars small LED Fairy Lights

A string of small colored lights hanging at home like the sky full of stars, sporadic, but it is the point of light, illuminate the darkness, envious of our years!

LED starry lights

2.Star lights

Star-shaped small colored lights, the most restore your bedroom decorated with the feeling of the sky, dotted with stars, although the light is faint, but light up the warmth of our hearts!

3. small round ball lights

Small orb small colored lights, head more mini, hanging in the bedroom more will not be bright, but the bright light of the stars, but let our bedroom becomes incomparable stunning!

4.small colored lights

Butterfly-shaped small colored lights, so that the star light has the shape of a butterfly, colored colors, so that the bedroom to avoid a single tone, more gorgeous and colorful up!

5. cartoon small colored lights

Small colored lights made into the shape of a cartoon, more creative, cute and personalized, placed in the bedroom, is undoubtedly one of the best decorative artifacts!

Dream small string lights, evoke your girl's heart!