This timer and waterproof copper wire light are a novelty, and we recommend it to everyone.

The warm white color is perfect for yards, gardens, small hydroponics, fish tanks, etc. Green is also the theme color for St. Patrick's Day, Christmas. It can better bring up the holiday atmosphere!

micro dot fair ylights

-LED beads waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use (battery box is not waterproof)

-Bendable, durable copper wire material, can be free to bend DIY decoration

-Timing function, 6 hours after the light automatically off, 18 hours after the automatic opening

High-quality LED beads, each light contains 50 beads, up to 50,000 hours of use.

waterproof fairy lights

Bedroom decorations DIY

Home decoration, the placement of lights design is also a study, soft color lights can bring a touch of warmth to the living space and play a role in relieving stress; the popular winding copper wire lights in recent years is not only soft light, but also can be arranged at will in all corners of the home, star-like lights, to bring a different creativity to your living environment.

DIY fairy lights

Prepared materials.

Can draw the letters of the paper, a board, hammer, nails, LED copper wire lights, tape

Production method.

1. Draw the alphabet pattern on the paper, cut it out, and then gently stick it on the canvas.

2. Staple along the outline of each letter, and remove the paper after stapling.

3. Wrap the LED copper wire lights around the nails and stick the battery pack along the bottom edge on the back, careful not to cover the power switch. Hang on the wall, done!