Controlling your LED Strip Lights is now easier than ever, Today I'll show you how to set them up and control them using only your voice.

Normally an LED light strip controller would use a remote, but with Wi-Fi built-in this controller uses a remote an app on your phone or even your voice using Google home or Amazon Alexa. Make sure you're using four pin LED strip lights and that you connect them using the proper male or female connections. Also, remember to keep your arrows lined up. I'm putting a strip of 12 volt leds on the back of the couch to shine on the wall. Since this LED controller accepts 5 volt, 12 volt and 24 volt LEDs. I'll need this particular 12 volt power adapter for the LED strip lights I'm using. Pull off the adhesive and place on the surface, then you'll want to hook up the controller and power as shown before.  

Use the QR code on the LED controller or search for Magic Home Pro in your app store. Once downloaded connect to the Wi-Fi network of the LED strip lights first, then head back to the app.

Select your personal Wi-Fi network and allow the app to connect the controller through the network. Once it finds it, you may see a prompt for your home or Alexa apps as well, take this second to rename your LED strip lights and you're ready to control them over the app.

You may also want LED strip lights on your TV as well in this case. You can use 5 volt LED strip lights and this specific cable to power them via a USB port on your TV. Once you have them all attached make sure you again connect your 5V positive symbol to the arrow on the WiFi LED controller and then plug them in.

Once again connect to the Wi-Fi of the LED controller first, tap the plus icon and connect to your own Wi-Fi network, allow the app to connect and then rename your smart LED controller as you wish using Google home or Amazon Alexa, You can set up the groups and voice commands as well

“Alexa turned the room white “

“Alexa turn the room pink”

“ Alexa turn the room warm white”


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