“Alexa, Turn on the living room light.”

LED controller is very simple to install and easy to set up via the Magic Home App, as well as with Alexa, Google Home. Enjoyed the smartphone app, and adjusted brightness, and color, and some of the different color changing modes.
led controller

Once you select the device, you have options for color settings (Color, brightness, etc.), some default color changes, ability to create custom scenes, a microphone that will pick up sound and change the colors, as well as selecting a song on your device to play, and the colors will blink and change to the beat.
led controller

Installed strip lights with LED controller under the bed, The app has nice features like you can set any color of the LEDs with the help of your phone camera on which the app is installed. Just aim the camera to whichever color you want the LEDs to be, and it changes the light to the select shade. You would set the light matching to your bedsheets
It is so Amazing...
smart controller

You are able to group all four strips of lighting under each kitchen cabinet together and control them together with your smartphone.

Finally, there is a clock/timer setting.

Now you can use the smart LED controller to convert your traditional LED Strip to a Smart LED Strip.

LED controller: http://bit.ly/wifi_controller
LED RGB light strip kit:http://bit.ly/2IOtc9R