In the busy city life, have you found yourself gradually lost the joy of creating something, in this era where everything can be solved by buying, quietly, make a good production of their own household items, so that the home, more intimate sense of belonging. The network is a summary of some home DIY handmade small ideas, simple and easy to learn small things, but in the home life is very easy to help a big help!

Did you know that the LED copper string lihgts is a good and inexpensive transformation tool! Do not look at its current appearance is ordinary, in fact, after some transformation, become quite stunning!
fairy string lights

  • put the copper wire light into the glass, immediately become a good look, perfect for home decoratio.


  • Putting different glass containers into copper wire lights is also amazingly beautiful!
    glass fairy lights
  • Your patio also needs copper wire lights to decorate itpatio fairy lights
  •  broken photo frame, just throw it away? I teach you to turn waste into treasure, with a few wire and nails fixed into a jewelry display, saving space and decorative.


  •  flower pot broken? Don't lose, perhaps through the handy transformation, it becomes a miniature dream estate!
  •  beer bottle caps can only be discarded? Make a small candlestick romantic ~


  • cell phone charging bag, no space constraints, want to charge it!


  • dog's nest must be bought? They do not wear jeans can be transformed into a loving pet's nest, warm and cute.


  • to a variety of fragmented things to find a home, so the transformation of beautiful and practical!

Did the above ignite the desire to create in your heart? Then hurry up and get started, life is their own, the joy is also their own.

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